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Spiral Fused Milky Quartz Glass Tube  

1: Clear Quartz Tube

It’s made from natural quartz after the process of melting and fine grinding. It has high purity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, also be low coefficient of thermal expansion. It contains no air bubble and controlled to the grade of PPM, has the great performance such as high temperature proof, chemical stability, perfect insulation and transmittance, etc.

2: UV-blocked Quartz Tube

This cerium-added tube can effectively prevent all radiation of UV-B & UV-C ultraviolet and most radiation of UV-A ultraviolet. Protect human and object from hurt of ultraviolet with best transmission.

3: Ozone-free Quartz Tube

The surface is transparent and slight purple of the cut surface. Doped with Ti, it has a strong ability to prevent dense UV radiation but release no ozone. The product blocks wavelength<220nm, while transmit over 70% in 253.7nm.

4: Milky White Quartz Tube

With the adoption of distinctive technique, this tube has its typical characteristics of good visual aspects and stable physical & chemical properties. It is also used as material of infrared heating lamps, electrical baking oven and other industrial infrared application.

Quartz glass type

1.As new type anticorrosion, quartz tube available as continuous machine drawn and automatic controlled tubing.

2.This glass had the typical characteriastics of high purity, good spectral transmission, well controlled dimension and lower OH and so on.

3.It serves as the first choice of heat resistant material for halogen lamps, mercury lamps, metal halide lamps and other quartz lamps, used in light, chemical, semiconductor and etc

4.This glass can be supplied in the range of 3-450mm outside diameter, 0.6-20.0mm wall thickness and 10-4500mm length.

5.Exhaust tubes with good CPK are suitable for high-speed streamline production.

6.And further processing of trim cutting, fire polishing, bending and pinching and etc. can be done according to the requirement of customers.

7.OH-content can be controled within 20ppm\15ppm\10ppm\5ppm\2ppm according to the requirement of customers.